Hi, my name is Lee Avital. I’m a software engineer at DataDog.

I’ve done a lot of work in web development — writing large javascript applications with backends in Scala, PHP, and ASP Classic.

Some of my experience:

  • I was a software engineer at Palantir.
  • I was an engineer intern at Twitter.
  • I was a platform engineer intern at Drawbridge, a demand side platform for real-time ad-bidding.
  • I was a engineer intern at Massdrop as an engineer. Massdrop is a platform that allows buyers to leverage their numbers and get better prices on the products they want.
  • I’ve worked as a web developer at the National Technical Institute for the Deaf working on web-based tools to enhance the classroom experience for both hearing and non-hearing students.

I’m very interested in programming languages. Right now, my language of choice is Scala, a strongly typed, functional programming language that runs on the JVM.

You can read all about that on my blog.